One of the best beach hotels on the Amalfi Coast

Enjoy the sea surrounding the Amalfi Coast without ever having to leave the hotel: on Conca Azzurra's private beach for guests only.

There are few beach hotels on the Amalfi Coast lucky enough to have their very own private bathing establishment. Land is notoriously scarce in the area and the "beaches" are often little more than tiny patches of pebbles or sun decks cut out of the rocks. La Conca Azzurra Hotel's beach occupies a water edge platform, on which peace is guaranteed, even on the busiest of summer weekends, when the Amalfi Coast teems with tourists and holidaymakers.
The bathing establishment is open from June to September, only in case of good weather.

La Conca Azzurra Hotel: relax on a private beach and boat trips along the Amalfi Coast

The main feature of the private bathing establishment La Conca Azzurra, compared to other beach hotels on the Amalfi Coast, is to have lots of sun exposure, up to the last rays of the sun dips into the sea. At our private beach you can choose to eat your lunch by the sea, or to undertake a boat trip starting directly from the private beach. The hotel also offers, for relaxation of its guests, a lovely furnished hanging garden with hot tub and sun loungers.
You can reach La Conca Azzurra Hotel's private beach (open from June to September, weather permitting) through a little path which, from the hotel, makes its way down through the gardens and the Amalfi Coast flora to the sea. Here, on the platform directly above the water, relax on comfortable loungers, soaking up the glorious Mediterranean sun. The only sound: that of the waves and the seabirds...

The other beaches near the hotel.

These three sun-kissed beaches are all less than 10 minutes away from the hotel. Want to explore further afield?There are as many as one hundred beaches on the 50km-long Amalfi Coast. How many will you be able to find?

Marina di Praia

A pretty little beach guarded over by an ancient Saracen watch tower. From Marina di Praia you can take a taxi boat to those beaches (the Amalfi Coast has lots of them) which are only accessible from the sea - your "driver" will be able to recommend the best!

Il Fiordo di Furore

A spectacular fiord and an ancient fishing village. This is where, each summer, a spectacular high diving competition is held, during which fearless men and women from all over the world come to dive off the cliffs of Furore and into the sea below.


One of the few sandy beaches on the Amalfi Coast: The sand and shallow water make Minori a great choice if you're traveling with children. After a day on the beach, pop into the Pasticceria De Riso, famous for its cakes and pastries!