Amalfi Coast Hotel Italy - The boutique hotel overlooking the Paradise of the Amalfi Coast

Open your window, to be greeted by the warm sea breeze and the sight of Capri. You're in the most romantic hotel on Italy's Amalfi Coast meaning, if you don't fall in love here, you won't fall in love anywhere!

La Conca Azzurra: there couldn't be a better name for this boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast, nestled in a little bay, gazing out over the bluest of seas...

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Surrounded by sun-kissed terraces and gardens which, from the road, tumble down towards the water-edge, La Conca Azzurra is one of very few hotels on the Amalfi Coast in Italy in which each and every room has its own private sea view terrace.
The smallest 4 star hotel on the Amalfi Coast. Voted one of the most romantic hotels in the whole of Italy by Trip advisor.
La Conca Azzurra Hotel is a refined and romantic retreat located on the Amalfi Coast rocks overlooking the sea in the beautiful bay of Conca dei Marini.
The Conca Azzurra has been created with all the architectural details that are so evocative of the Amalfi Coast - terraces, pergolas, columns, porticos and verandas all set amidst flowers and foliage.
The Hotel Conca Azzura sits high on the cliffs above the fishing village of Conca dei Marini on the beautiful Amalfi coast. Originally a seaside house, where travellers took refreshment on the Grand Tour, The Conca Azzurra became a hotel in the 1950s for Amalfi Coast holidays. Today, this intimate hotel offers guests an unparalleled combination of light-filled rooms, private bathing area and delicious cuisine in an absolutely stunning location and has been voted one of the most romantic hotels in the whole of Europe.

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Romantic Hotel in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.
Conca dei Marini, where the Hotel  "La Conca Azzurra" is situated, is a small fishing village on Italy's Amalfi Coast and a long standing favorite amongst those looking to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday by the sea.
Guests traveling by car are welcome to use our private car park, free of charge. The parking is unguarded and the hotel is not responsible for damages or otherwise

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Outside, in the grounds of the Conca Azzurra, a path wends its way through the lush vegetation to the sea and to the hotel's private beach. Here there are terraces and sun decks, built into the rocks, from which guests can safely swim in the crystal waters of the cove. Conca dei Marini was the preferred retreat, for their holidays on the Amalfi Coast, of the Dutch Royal family, Jacqueline Kennedy and members of Italy's Agnelli dynasty.

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The Calajanara restaurant, lunch and dinner with views of the sea

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