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Calajanara, Amalfi Coast Restaurant.
A true holiday is one which satisfies all the senses in a romantic sea view Amalfi Coast Restaurant.

Book a table at Calajanara Amalfi Coast Restaurant situated in Conca dei Marini near Amalfi, and get ready to enjoy superb Mediterranean cuisine served in the elegant dining room or, in the warm summer months, on the sea view restaurant terrace.
In the evenings, a romantic atmosphere is created by the lights twinkling on the nearby island of Capri.
Today, as in centuries past, the Amalfi Coast’s terraced gardens are dotted with lemon and olive trees, the fruit of which is used to make lemon liqueurs and olive oil.
The olives grown in the gardens surrounding our sea view restaurant in Conca dei Marini Amalfi Coast are pressed to produce a small quantity of organic extra virgin olive oil, which is then used in our delicious cuisine. You’ll find a bottle of “Tenuta Campitiello” on your table in therestaurant Calajanara.

Go on… indulge in the delicious cuisine of the Calajanara Amalfi Coast Restaurant

Dishes to seduce the eye and tantalize your taste. Let Calajanara Restaurant’s chefs take you on a gastronomic journey discovering the flavors and aromas of the Amalfi Coast.
A journey from the sea, abundant in fish and seafood, to the mountains, where the ancient inhabitants worked hard to create the terraces on which fruit and vegetables are still cultivated and left to ripen to perfection in the sun.

The freshest fish, dairy products from the Monti Lattari and pasta made in Gragnano: the ingredients used in Calajanara Restaurant exquisite Mediterranean Amalfi Coast cuisine are all sourced locally in Conca dei Marini and follow the changing of the seasons.

Taste and traditions of the Amalfi Coast

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